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the mole that was happily living underground.

I was taking a walk deeper into the earth than usual,
when I found a sparkling, colorful gem.

Mog liked the jewels
and thought that if she went deeper,
there would be more jewels buried in the ground.

Thus began
Mog's gem-collecting adventure.

Game Rules

Collect the gems!

Control the mole and collect the gems buried in the ground. The gems you collect will be stacked behind the mole.

Beware of rocks and ores!

They are damaged by contact with bedrock, ore, lava, etc. Moles are also vulnerable to sunlight, so they will take damage if they try to go above ground.

Let's power up!

Collecting a certain number of gems will power up the game. When powered up, the color of the mole changes, allowing you to dig through bedrock and ore.

Be careful with the gems you collect!

If you come in contact with a jewel that is connected to the mole, it will break there. The level may be lowered then.

Let's defeat the monsters!

There are monsters roaming around in the ground. If you hit a monster, you both lose a life, and if you survive, you win. Run away if you think you are in danger.

Life restored!

The reduced life will recover naturally. If you take the heart in the ground, the maximum life value will increase and you will recover completely.

Take advantage of the invincibility time!

If you take three of the same gem in a row, you will become invincible for a few seconds. During this time, you will not be damaged by gems behind you, unbreakable ores, or monsters.


Title Dig Dig Mole
Supported models Android 4.4 or higher
iOS 11.0 or higher
Sales agency Alpaca Project
Price Free

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